Your Personal Brand is key in Business

I was invited to speak to Kyambogo University Computer Science Students at a hand over ceremony.
Every time I talk to Students, my mind to races to my similar experiences while I was at University and shortly after I had left.
I specifically talked about personal branding and how it can make or break you.
I have personally met some programmers with uncombed hair, Un ironed shirts, torn collars but with very brilliant and nice innovations.
This might make them feel a GEEKY, look busy trying to make us understand that they spent the whole night coding, Unfortunately, they forget that the human mind of their prospective client needs to get convinced with the first impression.
I told them how It’s very easy for a smartly dressed man to sell a poor system/idea than a shabbily dressed one to sell a very good system.
A client should be able to buy you first before they buy your product, your dressing, etiquette, presentation skills should sell you first before even getting to look at your system.
I don’t know who told programmers and geeks that moving with uncombed hair defines one as the best and by the way, I have used programmers as an example but this cuts across and involves anyone that is selling
Well this was my piece of advice to young entrepreneurs and start ups.;
Smartness is very important, when you appear smartly dressed your client will assume that even what you are going to present is smart and will in turn give you the much desired attention.
Remember , all you need is attention and belief. Achieve it with smartness.
Presentation is key, how you appear what you talk to your prospective client Will earn or deny you continued attention hence business.
Talk what is relevant; Your prospective client doesn’t want to know how you didn’t have breakfast, how you failed to load Yaka hence un ironed clothes, How the taxi conductor failed to give you your balance of 300 ugx e.t.c .
For God’s sake, how do u start discussing your issues of 300 shs and expect your client to listen to your pitch of an idea or a system that you would like to have him buy at 100m.
Don’t spend time telling your prospective clients how you spent sleeplessness nights developing your system or software, that’s your business, I would rather you spend that time telling them how your system will solve their problems.
Good bless you as you close your deals.

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