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When I was beginning out as a businessman while at university, I used to operate quite a number of businesses. Among the many was a mobile disco for hire. Its components were fragments laid off by other disco owners. It was a system of a bit of this and a bit of that. It was all a patch work of machines. It was not about having the latest equipment on the market, no! It was about having a component of the system. I never trusted it myself.
This was the time when I was leaving university. One would expect that since I owned the system, I would be able to use it for my own graduation. But I wasn’t ready to embarrass myself on my own event. So I let it out and I hired a better system for my graduation.
I knew what to expect from the people who had hired my system. All through the graduation, my heart empathized with the young man who was manning it. When the emcee was making invites for me to speak, I was tickled by an sms text alert on my nokia 3310.
It read,
“Dickson, the machines ve gone off.”
If you ask me what I said on my graduation, I doubt I can remember. My heart was the other side. I wondered how this poor chap was going on, the lies he had to tell and the insults he had to stand.
As a businessperson, you’ve got to be the number one cheer leader of your business. You have to be the first client to both your products and services, however terrible. That is the only way you build confidence in yourself and others.
It reminds me of a lady, a one Nalongo, a brewer of Malwa. Nalongo had a makeshift bar behind our container in Nakulabye where I rented a container for my Video Library. Whenever this lady was serving her clients with malwa, she would be the first to taste. She would come with a jerry can of hot water and mix the content before sipping. She did this for all the many pots of malwa she served in her bar. Unfortunately, I never borrowed a leaf for my business.
Wouldn’t you be surprised if you met the CEO of Shell fuelling up at Total? Think about going to the restaurant, they serve you with terrible food, you ask for the manager and they tell you, he’s out for lunch. I mean, why would you be a head teacher and your children do not attend your school?
I don’t know of a face to wear if a client of Hostalite (a web Hosting company) walks up to me and I tell them that our website is being hosted somewhere else. A genuine response would be, give me directions please because it seems you trust them more than you trust your servers.
That’s not the way things work. You need to be the first consumer of your product or service, then, you won’t have a problem inviting others to partake of it.
God bless you.
Have a Fabulous 2016

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