We should always pray

In June while preparing for the launch of my book, I am not sorry for my mistakes; I was hosted for a TV interview on Morning at NTV by Brian Mulondo. I asked to begin with a prayer and everyone was shocked. I do it a lot. Every time I’m meeting people or going round my personal errands, I take off time to pray.

It is very easy to take for granted the things we go through during the course of the day with or without intention. So I always pray with my family to bring to fruition that promise of a family that prays together, eats together stays together.

I have seen God come through for me at times I never thought I would. And that includes every part of my life. So I talk about it braggingly because I have seen its goodness.

Make it a point to pray; for yourself, your work and for those that you love. A prayer moves mountains and gives answers. Learn to pray for yourself. Do not wait for others to pray for you. However brief your prayer may be, it is your conversation with God, it matters.

I usually share a prayer with my Facebook family and I believe it’s impactful. Below is the prayer I shared after the festive season, 2015.

Dear Lord.
We specifically want to thank you for the journey mercies and protection during the Christmas season.
Thank you for “taking care of the wheels”
We commit those who are yet to travel back,  into your hands, that you will grant them journey mercies too.
We ask for safety for those using public transport for they have less control.
May you work through the drivers to do their work diligently to the glory of your name.
In your name I have prayed.

Wishing you a prayerful year, 2016!

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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