The Art of Delegation

I am grateful that I learnt this  art of running business. Delegation seems to be the hardest step for many  an entrepreneur to take. As a result, many people end up becoming like slaves to the dear work. They fear if they stepped away for a minute, the business would die. I have seen some people who, much as they have employees, they end up doing everything just because they think their staff cannot something as perfect as themselves would.

As an entrepreneur, in most cases, you have your company at heart. You know how far you have come toget to where you are today. And the last thing you want to see is the company crumbling down in your hands. It is a natural thing,  it happens. But the challenge with this is that, you become entangled up. Your business focus becomes myopic. You close out other chances everytime you keep focusing on one thing.

I know. We all do business in our own ways and things work out. But how about if let things work out a little better. I have grown to learn that delegation builds teamwork. Eversince I began it at Hostalite, I have seen positive results.

To me, effective ‪‎Delegation is when you are in Nairobi and the Head of the web Development team sends you a report of how one of the Most sensitive projects has been successfully completed, handed over to Ministry of Health, and user training successfully completed.
As a Manager, #Delegation doesn’t only stop at small/simple projects, you must be able to empower your team to handle even big assignments so that work moves on smoothly even when you are on leave.
Thanks Team Hostalite for enabling me practice what i preach, as we hand over the MOH website.

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