At ‘The School’, I knew nothing about you apart from seeing you around the school premises.

During the Gaetano Kaggwa Big Brother Season, like many others, I noticed the similarity between you and this housemate.

It must have been around this time that I learnt you have a relationship of sorts with ex-classmate, Abed Tumutungire. If I am not wrong, you two are brothers.

The first real instance you struck me as a unique person was when I closely followed your numerous posts praising your wife. I read and hear about the so-called Celebrities, praise their wives, it was not the same kind of thing. The conversation you had with the rest of us about your wife was nothing like I have seen before. I am convinced that your wife has been (and continues to be) a treasure in your life. I love my wife but I never take time off to tell others about what she has really contributed to my life. This made me always look forward to your posts – Hostalite, speaking gigs and more.

There was the incident about the ‘house construction’ on the land that was given to you by your father, if I recall correctly. On your return to Kampala, there was the fruits-sharing (must have been oranges) incident. Oh man, there are a number of good things that have happened to me but I usually celebrate with those around me. I don’t think about the positive energy this might create to others if I shared. I bet most of the people you shared with could afford these but there is a lot that comes from sharing.

When I first read that you were going to write a book, to be honest, I didn’t think you would garner this kind of momentum. To my knowledge, you are an IT guy not a Marketing Guru. I don’t have the numbers but I doubt young writers in Uganda have pulled-off such a thing before. I am not sure why this is the case.

The number of young people planning to start a business in Uganda is on the increase. If I knew about the mistakes I have made co-running our business, maybe I would have made a different decision. Your marketing efforts aside, I think your book is going to be a ‘big success’ simply because it is not a made-up story – it is real. I have not read the book yet but from the snippets you have provided; it teaches any aspiring entrepreneur (even those already running their businesses) that mistakes are part and parcel of every business and that you should ensure you learn from them.

I am not going to buy the book from the listed bookshops neither will I send money to any of the listed numbers to have my copy delivered. I will instead attend the launch at Kati Kati on 31st July 2015. Who knows, you might have more up your sleeve to reveal that day. I could also get to meet OBs I have not seen in ages.

While I end this long Facebook message, allow me to have a crack at predicting what else you might do in the near future.

1. This will not be your last book. I see you joining the ‘Writer’s Association of Uganda’ or the equivalent.

2. You will figure out how to directly earn from your budding Marketing potential.

3. You will continue to inspire many more people to ‘go for it’.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. You have no idea what it means to the rest of us.

Allow me to end here.

Congratulations on your book!


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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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