For those who have been following my Fortportal Story, remember I met one Nsiimire Emma the lady who bakes cakes and hires out gowns and from my last post we left when she was set to take over the region.
After my post, I have since then been receiving nice messages and those thanking me for being a selfless business man,.
Long story short, among the messages I received was one from Joanne Katushabe thanking me for blessing peoples lives and getting out of my way to give knowledge freely. See Joanne`s Message below

“Dickson, hi. The questions I have for you come in relation to the book of Ruth. Boaz commanded the harvesters to leave sheaves for Ruth. She was already picking the left overs but he commanded healthier sheaves. Do you leave any sheaves for your workers? if not, what is the alternative? After you mentioned about Emma and the bridal gowns. I just thought, I should pass on what I have to her. Thought I cd make money from them but over time, I let it slip. So am thinking about making that offer to her. oba is that good business? Take care Joanne”

My reply
…..About Emma, that would be perfect….You would have sown a seed into her business…

In a few minutes, Emma commented on my post as below

Mushabe Dickson I seem to be reaping and reaping big as a result of this post.. Joanne has just made me sing many songs this morning! She has done something big for my business Era only God can reward her! Just speak blessings and more blessings into her life for me!”

, I knew they had exchanged messages of happiness and she had received exciting news of an amazing offer, one of those things you least expect to happen.

Long story short, Joanne felt it upon herself to give her five new gowns to Emma and since I was going back to Fort Portal for the quality assurance checks at the Hospital, I offered to deliver the gowns to Emma and to me this was a complete and practical testimony.
I met Emma in Fort as I handed over her gowns, she was offcoure speechless, at the amazing works of God through his people.
She tried to hide but I would see the tears in her eyes , tears of Joy, very quiet moments as we were having lunch……

This time round I didn’t tell much, I just told her to keep on her knees.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank ‪#‎Joanne‬ for the heart of giving that she has, may God bless you abundantly, may the lord increase your territories and may your house never lack in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

My lesson” it is blessed to give than to receive”
The Pics below are No.1 for Joanne (as she gave me the gowns) and the rest are for Emma (as i handed over the Gowns)
I have to stop here, i am getting a bit emmotional.
But one question we need to answer is; Do you call to give or receive all the time?
And Finally if you are in Fort, Kasese, e.t.c..Emma has your gowns in place. .New and hot.

See you a the Top.
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