Stand to your Resolutions

Every new year, new resolutions are set. It has come to be like a fashion that everyone should have the resolutions. A long list of resolutions is made and many a times, quickly forgotten. This is because sometimes people do not take off time to think deep about these resolutions.
I was invited to speak about resolutions on Urban TV where the presenter expressed concern of how resolutions seem to make meaning no more. People hardly remember them by the time they are done with April.
I have realized that the topic of resolution comes up in the last week of the year and the curve falls immediately thereafter. If you asked one what a resolution is, chances are you may be surprised with what their responses are. Resolutions, like any other decision, you should be aware of what you are going in for so you can define what it is.
Your resolution should have a timeline that pushes you towards attaining it.
Deborah Smith said, “…a goal without a deadline is a wish,” and all resolutions are goals to be achieved within a given timeframe.
This is where we get off track. You find that someone has written a list of over ten resolutions without a clear strategy of how they are to implemented.
Resolutions are open; they should not rotate only about business but also life in general. Of course, they should be achievable. For example I am a tall man, I cannot have a resolution of growing shorter because I have no control over it all. But there are things that can control like weight loss. You should have a work plan of when to achieve this. When do you want to register that business or quit that job? How soon do you want to move into your own house and many more.
Remember no man is an island, entire to itself but part of the continent, a society that co-exists together. You may need to have someone to stand with in realizing your resolution. You must have someone to whom you are account table. That person must be one you are so free with yet very true to. That in all situations they will keep you accountable to your resolution.
Everyone struggles but you are not everyone. Do things like you, not any other person. Your resolutions will come to fruition.
Focus on one and accomplish it as opposed to writing 10 of them on a piece of paper every year.
All the best of luck 2017.

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