Sozo Global Ministries conference

I had an opportunity of speaking at a conference organized by Sozo Global Ministries, where the participants were, a good number of secondary schools around kampala in addition to business persons.
What makes this event so unique is that we had a session of praise and worship and I therefore started my speech in spiritual realm with a prayer.
Fast Forward,
My topic of discussion was ‘How to Start Small” and among the things I talked about was, making your client your next sales person through referral ,I gave an example of how Sanyu FM would give me a contract for instance to provide live Audio streaming after learning from Power FM that I did a great job.
I also gave them bit of my business journey, and the most interesting part was the Q&A session.
I got this rather enthusiastic business minded lady who paused a Question
Thanks so much for the letting us know how we can cause our clients to market for us, I like the examples you gave of Big Clients like MTN, and Airtel, Sanyu FM, and how you can get more clients through referral.
Those are big clients but I would like you tell me for example if I have small business like a video library, how can I make my clients the next sales agents?
And my answer was?
For such a business like a video Library, make sure every cover that goes out of your Library is branded or at least has your company name and contacts, remember DVDs move from one viewer to another, those who have watched series like Prison Break will know exactly what I mean, good enough, among them were a few students who had shared DVDS after watching them.
That answer would work for any business, even ‪#‎Mandaazi‬, (Doughnuts) Does the packaging have your contacts, Just assume you are selling them on Martyrs day in Namugongo to thousands of pilgrims who might actually take your packaging with them back home.
Do you realize that they came from all corners of the country and they would take your contact with them on their way back home,
Do you realize you would cover the whole country with less effort?
Brand your packaging, let your contact be everywhere, you don’t know who will share that ‪#‎Lindaazi‬.
By the way I share more of such insigths in the book i have written.
….., one girl asked me as I was setting off…Dickson, Are you a pastor ?
God Bless you and ‪#‎seeyouatthetop‬
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