Silence can be misunderstood but not misquoted

It was clocking 9 am in the morning when all hell broke loose.
Traffic jam was building up along Ntinda Trading Centre towards the main junction facing the former Crane Bank (Now DFCU).
There was a lady in the adjacent lane (wrongly created) that seemed to be on a hurry maybe for a CHOGM Summit of sorts. In a bid to beat the jam, she went on squeezing her car in every little space she caught sight of.
In the process, she hit her car against the guard of mine breaking her side mirror and scratching her car.
All this happened at a distant watch of a traffic officer.
With all the furry there was, the lady stormed out hurling insults at me with such a mean face.
I looked on.

The traffic officer, having seen us, drew closer and asked us to pull over and sort ourselves without inconveniencing other road users.
Angrier than before, the lady continued from where she had stopped jeering at me “for being a terrible driver,” she alleged.
I kept my cool and never said a word.
Along came a gentleman who was ready to listen to the her friend and this is what she added “ Come and see what this guy has done to my car, He even looks very arrogant that’s why he hasn’t said a single word after knocking me, Mchewwww.” I said nothing as she threatened to call the police to sort us out. She took my silence for being proud.

It’s at that moment that the traffic officer came to either arbitrate or send us to Kira Rd police.
She immediately started, “Officer thanks for coming, this gu- man could have even run away, he is a very poor driver, these are guys who learnt driving from the “Kabanees”, I learnt later that she meant washing bays,” she concluded.

We all waited for what the traffic officer to say a word.
“I saw what exactly happened but I left you to settle out of police,” said the officer, “Madam you are in wrong,
I actually thought you were going to Nakawa because you insisted on driving towards this gentleman’s side. You had space on your side.
can I have a look at your driving permit?

There was silence as the lady looked at me in utter shock, she couldn’t take back all the abuses and insults.
She went back in her car making endless phone calls as her gentleman colleague persuaded me to forgive them.

A few minutes later, they inspected my guard and asked me how much repairing it would cost.
In the turn of events, the lady now complained of how she was short of money. But I could not let her go. I insisted she pays for the damages and instantly.
I wanted her to learn a lesson. Seeing my seriousness, she sought help from someone who sent her mobile money.
As she fed in my number to send the money, I looked on her in sympathy. And before she could activate the payment, I asked her to hold.

“Madam, I don’t need your money. We all err but it was not called for to abuse me. You don’t know me,” well I could be a nobody but it might be a somebody next time, I said,
“You don’t know the people I’m carrying in that car, we all don’t know where we could meet next… You seemed to be in a hurry but your attitude has made us spend close to an hour here.”
She ashamedly could not afford to look me in the eyes as I continued, “It is very important that you tame your tongue, not everyone will be insulted and keep calm, people move with rifles in their cars and might not care how they use them, We all have our individual challenges.
I don’t want your money, go repair your car, and tame your tongue.”

I left her face dropped as I rushed to take my wife for an antenatal checkup

God Bless you.
I remain yours truly,
Dickson Mushabe

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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