Ladies, Keep your “Cookie” intact for your man

If you have been following my posts, you will realise that i am passionate about family and business.

I know every one is entitled to their opinion & this is mine.

I think it’s unfair for a man to ask to sleep with a woman before they get married.
I mean, what if you don’t marry her ?
and if that’s the case how many men will she sleep with before she gets the right one to walk her down the Isle.
Every man would love to marry a Virgin and my question is, who will marry those you slept with and dumped?

To the ladies, going out, dating or being in a relationship with a man is not automatic that he will marry you.
It’s possible that you will go out with more than one man before selecting your rightful partner.
So.. how many will you sleep with and why would you sleep with them anway?

Now .. If you go out with a guy and he asks that you sleep just first ask him if he sleeps with every girl he goes out with..
If he says no, then he should be able to explain, why he wants to start with you.
If he say yes then make your decision.

Ask him if he would still go out with you if you told him that you have gone out with 3 men in one month and you have slept with all of them, look at him straight in the face and tell him to be honest as you wait for the answer.

Long story short.
Keep your “Cookie”

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