Ladies and gentlemen, i have a testimony

Every one has their weaknesses and strengths and i am here to testify about one weakness of mine that i have totally overcome 100%.
The Dickson Mushabe you see today used to be a very #SHY guy.

I had never imagined addressing more than 5 people, just a thought of that would make my heart pump, i would sweat, and sweat and eventually give up, or give an excuse.

I recall the moment i was called to address a campaign rally for the Mayor of University Hall- Makerere University, remember i was unopposed with basically nothing to lose but the devil had assured me how i could not campaign or even say thank you to the the UH members for electing me unopposed.

What did i do,
I made a deal with the DJ to disable the Microphone after my first few words (UUU–HHHH—-OYEEEEEEE) the deal was sealed he was faithful, he actually added in some funny sound to the Mic. That was a success that day,

Can you imagine, i believed my success was in killing the MIC and NOT talking to my voters.
Long story short, The devil can make you believe that you cannot do things of any nature, that you are insignificant e.t.c

similary I also refused the norm that January and February are dry months financially, How about the arcades i see sprouting in the city centre during those months.

#Bottom #line
I refused to believe in failure, i believed in my God and i was delivered from Fear.
I started practicing alone for alomst one year and here i am.
Last Wednesday i addressed over 500 people at the Authors’ Forum. Kampala Uganda

Next week I am heading to #Nairobi for the #CMS #Africa #Sumit where i will be addressing over 2000 people about my success story.

#Lesson #learnt
1. I identified my weakness, accepted it and started working on it, Making a deal with the DJ was living in denial.
2. I prayed and believed that God would see me through.
3. I didn’t stop at praying, i started practicing alone with an assumption that i had a large audience in front of me and it worked.
4. I realised that requesting the DJ to “kill” the Microphone was the first step towards killing my hidden gift and passion of motivational speaking.
5. I used to look in the mirror and say to my self, “Dickson, you are a great speaker”. Trust me if you don’t believe it your self, even if 1000+ tell you,it wont make any difference.

I want to encourage everyone of to look in the mirror and reassure yourselves that you can make it, you are meant to be the head and not the tail.

God Bless you and see you at the top

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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