“Iam not sorry for my Mistakes” meets “Making Public Enterprises Work”

It was a pleasure meeting Dr. William Tsimwa Muhairwe former MD. National Water and Sewerage Corporation. (NWSC). Chairman Commercial of Africa (CBA), Executive Director, Global Water Leaders Group,Oxford UK
A great man that transformed that organisation (NWSC), an author too.

And by the way, he wrote an endorsement for my book and his favourite part was when the dog chased me on a empty stomach :)
….Fast Forward
One thing I have learnt from him is giving.
He started an education trust fund and part of the proceeds from his book ” Making Public Enterprises Work” go to Muhairwe Education Trust. ( The first batch of sponsored students from the trust are graduating this year)
I am challenged.
You know what I mean especially if your school fees was paid another person, not your biological parent.

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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