I woke up this morning a frustrated man because I had missed my saturday early morning jog.

I woke up this morning a frustrated man because I had missed my saturday early morning jog. Yes, I overslept may be because it’s been a very hectic week but again that wasn’t excuse enough for me. I refused to forgive myself.
While I was there with my frustration, I heard a small voice within me saying, Why are you being too hard on yourself, why don’t you do something in the few minutes instead of crying over spilt milk.
Immediately got up, picked my skipping rope started doing some exercise around the house.
I actually realised that I exercised more than ever before may be to prove a point that even without jogging, I had to hit my weekly target of the distance walked and run.

I picked up a phrase that gave me energy to go on even when I felt tired and almost gave up and here it goes.
(Wake Up, show Up, do something even in the little time remaining )
I know i’m not alone and we tend to have such moments, allow me encourage you my friends.

1. You could have planned to start a business a year ago but up to now nothing has ever materialised, Wake up show up, start all over again today, don’t focus on the lost time, just learn from your mistakes.
2. You could have been angry at someone for a long time and that anger is eating you up, Wake up show up , forgive. Don’t lose more energy by being angry at someone, use that energy to love other people .

3. May be you have been planning to build a house for 2 yrs now but money doesn’t seem to be coming your way and you feel frustrated, Wake up show up start small, get someone to start Laying the bricks on the plot of land, Make sure you have all the bricks you need by the end of year. Start saving and believe God for start on your foundation next year.

4. May be you had planned to ask one your friends to be your girlfriend only to see messages inviting you for her wedding meetings, Wake up show up take a deep breath my brother, promise yourself to be a Man of action next time you see a potential wife in a friend.

5. May be you had planned to surprise your wife with an expensive gift on her birthday and your pockets are still singing the dry ballads of Kalahari desert, don’t let your frustration kill her day. Wake up show up, .Be encouraged that most ladies actually don’t need presents, they need you and your presence. Do something that will make her realise that at that moment, the whole world stopped and all you thought about was her.

6. Maybe you have been judged that you haven’t made it in life and worse still you are being compared to others , Wake Up show up… Don’t compare your life to others too. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.”
The list is endless and what ever it is,

Wake Up, Show Up. Do something in the remaining time. However small.
Have a lovely weekend.

Dickson Mushabe

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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