I pledge to help her lose our weight until I get my sweet sixteen back

We all know for a fact that women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy.
It’s however a common practice for us (husbands/men) to blame our wives over the weight forgetting that it’s actually because of us that they gained it.
We even start looking at the young girls in our offices and neighbourhood to start comparing with our wives, this is so unfair.
We forget that our wives were like them or even hotter before we started demanding for babies.

I don’t want to be like other men, I am called Mushabe Dickson and I take responsibility for this weight that my wife gained during our pregnancy.
It’s not her weight anymore, it’s our weight.
She gained the weight over 9 months and i don’t expect her to lose it in one week.
I won’t compare her with other women or girls because she is unique in her way.
I pledge to help her lose our weight until I get my sweet sixteen back.

How will I achieve this?
When she told me that she was starting her fitness classes today, I worked half day, drove home since she is still on maternity leave, picked her an hour earlier, dropped at the fitness centre.
I am waiting to take her home after her session because it’s our weight.

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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