I have a message for the husbands

I wish to share one thing that I think could help our marriages blossom, and its just one among many.

Buying flowers for our wives or any other gift.
Offcourse I understand the fact that we are different and as men we have different priorities or methods of running our family love affairs.
However, there is one undoutable fact, all ladies love flowers/gifts or at least they appreciate the fact that someone thought about them at the time that gift was being bought. (Basically the “world stopped” at that moment)
I have used flowers as an example but there could be some other gifts that our wives love.
There is one thing I have personally experienced in my marriage.
It’s magical when you buy a flower or a gift for your wife on a normal day that is not either a birthday or an anniversary.

“Tebiba bingi” as the baganda say.
Have a blessed Sunday.

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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