I feel like sharing this , may be I would bless one or two. Or even save a crumbling family

A few years ago, In my search for money and businesses, I had reached a point where I even had no time for lunch, family, sleep….. I had gotten a habit of going home late until I realised that the money I was looking for wouldn’t provide the love and affection to my wife, it would not stand in for me as a father figure for the children, it would not raise my children the way ordered by the creator.
I had become too busy even for my own self….
Yes, I would pray do all the holy things but I was often reminded that my wife and kids don’t need my ‪#‎Presents‬ they need my ‪#‎Presence‬.

What did I do..
I made a personal commitment never to be too busy for my family, wife,children.

The Social life;
I receive many messages and phone calls appreciating me for my inspirational and life changing posts and business tips, these might seem so comforting and could sort of replace family if not checked properly.

I am however aware that the world can flatter you, put you up in the clouds until you finally “grow wings” and think that you are a superstar, untouchable.
It’s however the same world that will laugh when things go bad.. saying (we knew, we saw , he/ she had become so proud..e.t.c)
I am not wishing my self bad but I just would like to pass on a message to you my friends that the same people who cheer you up the ladder are the same people who will laugh at you on your way down , the same media which writes good praises about you is the same media which brings you down.
We ought to be very careful.

However, there is one place with people that will always believe in you no matter what and that’s FAMILY.
I encourage you to invest your time in family it’s a worthwhile investment.

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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