You may have come across such a title of the book authored by Dickson Mushabe or you know the C.E.O and Founder of Hostalite or you have heard about Hostalite Cyber Academy…and more.

You will always just see people successful and some may put up self shows and others are just unapproachable or too busy . some are good guys but very busy. Many will just say “be strong; keep on keeping; don’t cry; come on man up and then they shut up… but if a person tells you how he has made it, you ought to be grateful and thank God for it. Some will see you drowning and leave you.

While I received that book from him as a gift after a simple voted impression ; I will delve into his wife’s Inspiration. This is because
there are things which hit me in the spirit and I can feel selfish if I don’t transfer them to at least one person. For that reason alone, I will share what his wife, Mrs Doreen Mushabe taught me this week.

Doreen Mushabe( seated in the photo), Corporate manager, Barclay’s Bank , says
“When you get into the field right from campus, you see many guys in cool cars and with the cash and so many girls just rush and leave their boyfriends even when they are born again and christian . The gap is that you don’t know the past of those guys and the baggage behind them. You don’t know how they got those things”.

“I had to keep with Dickson because my heart did not waiver. We are born again. I got a job with standard chartered bank as a sales person. Now, such a job involves walking here and there, not easy. If you want to be like me today, you may not just wake up and become me”.

“On the other hand, Dickson had nothing. He was a nothing . I used to get money and give it to him to invest in his businesses. The businesses would collapse. I would get salary give him and the money would not return. For 5 years, I would pay rent and buy stuff in the house but still for those years he would not economically sustain himself. May be you are thinking that can’t be any African girl”.

“I made over 50 applications for him using my hands and he was only called in one place for an interview”.

“I knew Dickson was not a god and so I allowed failure in him and the collapsing businesses. I knew my role is to help him get better”.

“Years down our road with 3 children plus this one in the womb, Dickson earns more than 10 times than me today at the end of the month “.

And I quote Dickson:
“People are going to love you when you are up there just . If I see Doreen’s phone ring, I stop whatever I’m doing. SHE LIFTED ME”.

By sharing this, I want you and I to be revitalized because I have been a victim of ” almost giving up”. I leave the rest for you to ponder. God bless you.

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