#Friday Business Unsual With DM

I use social media especially Facebook a lot. I have a huge following and there is a lot of  activity. When I began sharing my business mind with the people on Facebook, a number of things rose up. First, there is a way with social media. You get to meet people you would never think of meeting. And in a country where much bureaucracy rules the corridors of many a prominent office, social media offers a window of escape.

I have met people with whom we have ended up doing business together for the benefit of Hostalite. But along the same path, I have met people who have queries over their business and they seek my opinion and help. I thought since I have over 2000 followers, it would be better to share these issues with everyone than handle everything alone. After all, there is someone who is better at something. In addition, someone’s challenge might as well be another person’s.

In June 2015, I began as special segment called #FridayBusinessUnsualWithDM. this segment has revealed and healed a number of hearts and business. A complaint is filed through my inbox and I share it with the rest of the Facebook family. Below is an example of a challenge.

Its ‪#‎FridayBusinessUnusualwithDM where you are given an opportunity to use your experience to tackle some of the Questions I get through my Inbox.
Dickson I’ve a challenge where I need your advice.
Am running an agribusiness project and my enterprise is doing better. In the project, I have a poultry farm, piggery, diary farming and fruits production. All these four enterprises have improved my society and the people I work with in terms of food security and employment to the youth.
The back sliding factor which is eating me up is my wife. She is not supportive. She doesn’t want to get dirty. I am worried that the progress of my farm without her support stands in check.
I am so stressed. When am away, I would need her to take the managerial role of the whole enterprise but that seems to be failing.

Over to you my Panelists.

My gratitude is that many people are now coming back with testimonies. This is because the platform is a place for constructive criticism. I am grateful that through social media, we are impacting lives more over at a very low price which every one can afford.

At times we want to do things that can be impactful to others. Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time seeking approval from voices all around us and the decision never comes. You will only know that you began, when you have already begun.

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