Consultation saves time and money

Consultation saves time and money.

You all know that I am a new author, well you can still call me an upcoming author.
But, How did I manage to launch a book ” Iam not sorry for my mistakes ” that has so far sold 1200 copies in one and a half months?
On top of using my social media and marketing skills, there is one more ingredient that most of us tend to ignore.
We fail to ask or consult for fear of being seen in a vulnerable position and offcourse Ego issues.
Before my book came out, I spent some good time consulting senior authors as way of understanding this new world.
One of the great gentlemen I met was Samuel A. Bakutana, a very kind, composed, God fearing family man.
He was at that time preparing for his Lagos trip and I automatically tapped into the anointing ( Amafuta)
He autographed for me one his books “How to effectively manage stress and work pressure”
He advised me on how book shops operate and how to deal with them, the list is endless.
He prayed for me and all he finally said (#YouWillManage )

I can tell you that by the time we left, I was feeling an experienced author just by listening to him.

Feel free to borrow this lesson from Abraham Lincoln

“…..if i had six hours to chop a down a tree, i’d spend the first four sharpening my axe……”

— withSamuel A. Bakutana.

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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