Commitment is key in Business. If you can’t make it, say so in time.

I was invited by Joel B. Ssenyonyi to speak to their group AKBF.
AKBF is Co-operative society that began as a SACCO, but later morphed into a multipurpose co-operative, with the intention of doing business, besides just giving out loans to members.
I shared my business journey and definitely poured out my heart, I shared those tips.
One of the issues I talked about was commitment, a key tool to business growth.
And thank God I had a live example;
I had travelled up country the previous day and on my way back (Friday) my car got involved in an accident which actually delayed me for 10 hours and I thank God for saving our lives.
I immediately informed Joel how I was going to be delayed but assured him that I would be with him the following day (Saturday)
I reached Kampala 5 am and had to sleep for 2 hours in order to do my final preparations for the talk which was at 9 am.Remember I was tired and stressed with many other reasons that would give a normal human being chance to cancel.I am sure you have all had some people fail to appear for meetings or honoring appointments, You have had to call someone only to tell you that they are just setting off at 2:00 PM for a 2:00 pm meeting, they will definitely reach the meeting venue at 2:30pm.
We have had some people cancel appointments at the exact time, the experiences are many name them.
Many of us have lost businesses, jobs, families, relationships e.t.c because of lack of commitment and communication (topic for another day)
Let me tell you why I didn’t cancel that talk despite all circumstances
I had given Joel my word and most likely He had given his group members his word and my disappearance would not only make me look unserious but would affect his credibility.
I would not get the opportunity of explaining myself to each of the 30 members that I am a serious person after disappointing them.. well where would I get a chance to look for them one by one..
Bottom line…Honour your commitment/promises/ appointments in business
..Don’t set off at 2pm for a 2pm meeting and start driving like a mad man.
..Incase you can’t make it, communicate way in time to allow the other party to prepare.
… When you disappoint one Joel or Jane , you have disappointed 30+ people that they had committed to relying on your word.
God bless you.

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