It all began at the Rotaract Club of Kampala South where I was speaking this evening. Along the way, the conversation zeroed more on the theme of ceasefire. For the first time, allow me introduce myself as an advocate for ceasefire.

What happens when an employee crosses their line? Do you immediately send them away? Or do you take off sometime to listen to them?

In Luganda, there is a word, katandikabutandisi, to mean its just beginning. The term is used to refer to action packed movies. These were so famous in the late 90s and early 2000s. But one thing about these movies is that there is always a character that redeems the condition. When the fire has erupted, the awaited character brings things to order. Business is not any different. Whenever a situation arises, it is important to call it to order. And that is the role of the head.

Cease fire is a key tool in crisis management. It is not wise to fire an employ without giving them an ear because a client complained about their conduct. However, cease fire does not mean you tolerate mistakes.

Usually crises arise from the lack of control measures. And this is a leakage in the business. As a business head, it is important that once in a while you check these short comings within before they explode form the outside.

Know your team. And build a relationship not with the titles but with the people who hold them. To err is human but to correct err; it calls for more than an audience. When you know your team on an individual level, it helps you to easily address such short comings.
Thank you for being a lovely team and for welcoming me.
I enjoyed every bit.

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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