I am sure most of us are familiar with the The Parable of the Talents.

Having a talent is one thing, knowing that you have it is another thing. And then using it is another whole story. A few months ago, Marcus Kiryowa posted an art piece he had made out wood, it was a portrait. When I saw the piece, I saw rare talent…

#Career: Choosing the right course at secondary or University

Qn. Do you have the end in Mind? Three students of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa joined me at my table while having lunch at the recently concluded summit in Nairobi. As usual I welcomed them and quickly engaged them. I wanted to know their plans for the present…

My Fort Portal Experience : Give incentives to your customers, It works.!!

As soon as arrived, my Facebook status read “Fort Portal, iam in your area Code” and it’s from that moment that messages started trickling in my inbox. Most of the people were requesting me to meet them at their business premises while others were asking me to give them a…

Where did they go?

Let me tell you about Hilda,(not real name). Hilda was my classmate. She was one of those people who topped our class. They had their click of the “toppers”. We knew at the end of the term that these were the names to be read at the end of term…

I am slowly improving my reading culture

Hello Dickson, I read your recently launched book. It is a great book. The quality was good, no mistakes!!! how did you achieve that? The inside was well designed. I sent a copy to one of my friends in the UK starting a business here in Uganda. On another note.…

Team Conversations

I believe in teamwork. And the team at Hostalite has not disappointed me at all.  Of recent they have been surprising me with quite a number of innovations. As the hyead at Hostalite, I have learnt to give them space and do their work. That does not mean I’m detached…
Saloon Business after campus

Life after Campus

I am sure by now we all know that a there is a big difference between the courses we study at University and the Jobs/ business we end up doing. Not many people believe me when I tell them, I didn’t study IT. I wanted to be a successful businessman…
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Ugandans should embrace E-Commerce

Growing internet penetration, spread of mobile technology and improvement of payment and delivery infrastructure in Africa are factors that are boosting E-Commerce on the continent. Today, transactions are fast moving from traditional wallet to mobile phones, from laptops to tablets and so on. With a fast growing middle class across…
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