Silence can be misunderstood but not misquoted

It was clocking 9 am in the morning when all hell broke loose. Traffic jam was building up along Ntinda Trading Centre towards the main junction facing the former Crane Bank (Now DFCU). There was a lady in the adjacent lane (wrongly created) that seemed to be on a hurry…

Breakthrough has a sound.

Breakthrough has a sound. I am not a frequent traveler. For the few times I have traveled, It has been the economy class just like any other hustler saving on a trip. I had an opportunity of representing Uganda at the China International Fair for Trade and services ( CIFTIS),…

Stand to your Resolutions

Every new year, new resolutions are set. It has come to be like a fashion that everyone should have the resolutions. A long list of resolutions is made and many a times, quickly forgotten. This is because sometimes people do not take off time to think deep about these resolutions.…

Ladies and gentlemen, i have a testimony

Every one has their weaknesses and strengths and i am here to testify about one weakness of mine that i have totally overcome 100%. The Dickson Mushabe you see today used to be a very #SHY guy. I had never imagined addressing more than 5 people, just a thought of…

Ladies, Keep your “Cookie” intact for your man

If you have been following my posts, you will realise that i am passionate about family and business. I know every one is entitled to their opinion & this is mine. I think it’s unfair for a man to ask to sleep with a woman before they get married. I…

I received a phone call this evening from a friend who asked if i was busy or not.

I received a phone call this evening from a friend who asked if i was busy or not. My response was, Yes ” I am busy” He went ahead to ask what i was doing,that made me that busy and to his surprise, i told him that i was thinking.…

I want to know why you didn’t shout at me or even abuse me?

I went to fuel my car this afternoon, gave instructions the pump attendant on the amout of fuel i wanted gave her the money, and waited for my balance. A minute later, she came trembling ” Ssebo Nsonyiwa, ntaddemu Petrol mukiffo kya Diesel” Translated as ” I am so sorry…

Sozo Global Ministries conference

I had an opportunity of speaking at a conference organized by Sozo Global Ministries, where the participants were, a good number of secondary schools around kampala in addition to business persons. What makes this event so unique is that we had a session of praise and worship and I therefore…

My Life, My Story – The Expereince of Dickson Mushabe

It is 1147 hours and we are having breakfast after the first session of the CMS Africa 2015 Summit. We are at the Catholic East African University, Karen, Nairobi. Dickson Mushabe is to present next about his journey as the CEO of Hostalite. We rest the works of the cup…

I am sure most of us are familiar with the The Parable of the Talents.

Having a talent is one thing, knowing that you have it is another thing. And then using it is another whole story. A few months ago, Marcus Kiryowa posted an art piece he had made out wood, it was a portrait. When I saw the piece, I saw rare talent…
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