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We should always pray

In June while preparing for the launch of my book, I am not sorry for my mistakes; I was hosted for a TV interview on Morning at NTV by Brian Mulondo. I asked to begin with a prayer and everyone was shocked. I do it a lot. Every time I’m…

A Wholesome Package

A few years ago, there was a TV ad of a one Abdu Jabali who served a whole cow at his restaurant. You paid for a plate of meat but got a whole cow slaughtered for you. Hostalite is not any different from Abdu Jabali’s restaurant. We serve our clients…

#Friday Business Unsual With DM

I use social media especially Facebook a lot. I have a huge following and there is a lot of  activity. When I began sharing my business mind with the people on Facebook, a number of things rose up. First, there is a way with social media. You get to meet…
New Picture

The Art of Delegation

I am grateful that I learnt this  art of running business. Delegation seems to be the hardest step for many  an entrepreneur to take. As a result, many people end up becoming like slaves to the dear work. They fear if they stepped away for a minute, the business would…

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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