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I was at function recently and listened to only Ugandan music and my mind quickly went to some time in the late 90’s when we would listen to only Congolese music at parties. What does this mean: The local musicians innovated and started producing music that became acceptable to Ugandan…

How well do your new products and services complement each other?

Today, I am going to talk about business expansion and how it has helped me at Hostalite. Let’s consider a common scenario , when you plan to make a new purchase, there are many things you will consider before making a decision and handing over your money. These considerations might…

SMEs urged to embrace online marketing to enhance business growth

Small and medium sized companies have been urged to incorporate online marketing in their sales and marketing strategies to further enhance business growth. Speaking at the 3rd edition of the Vodafone Powertalks held at the Kampala Serena Hotel, Allan Richardson, the Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Uganda said there is a growing…

Finding success even after failure

Book cover of Dickson Mushabe’s I Am Not Sorry For My Mistakes. PHOTO | GILBERT MWIJUKE By GILBERT MWIJUKE IN SUMMARY In his maiden book, titled I am Not Sorry For My Mistakes, Dickson Mushabe describes the challenges he encountered while starting his businesses and how determination and perseverance propelled him…

Hostalite’s Dickson Mushabe is “not sorry for his mistakes

Dickson Mushabe the founder of Hostalite is not sorry for his mistakes. In fact he even wrote a book about how he’s not sorry and it’s been selling like hot cake! You need to read the book “I’m not sorry for my mistaeks” to understand why he’s taking such an…

Dickson Talks about Email Signatures

I was invited to speak to members of an Investment Club; ambitious and self accomplished individuals, bankers, architects, doctors, financiers, businessmen…All of who studied together at one point either at Budo or Kampala Parents School, as they describe themselves. I talked about my business journey at ‪#‎Hostalite‬ and and I…

I lost three years and money because of poor planning and Excitement.

Three years ago, we interviewed four University graduates for a certain job at ‪#‎Hostalite‬. I honestly wasn’t impressed because three of them failed the practical/ hands on tests. My mind went racing and quickly got an idea to start a training center that would equip such graduates and many more…

Believe in your brand

Sometime back I had a chance of speaking to young entrepreneurs. One lady asked me a very interesting question about marketing and branding, “Dickson, how have you managed to build your brand?” As an entrepreneur, you need a brand to identify with. I remember in 2009, I sat down thinking…


I have a testimony.  And I’m sure each and every one of us really has. You can call me a street-sider of sorts. Testimony is one of those things that I took for granted. It is one of those powerful tools that we never put to use. It rusts in…

ICT Conference at serena

Africa must start giving. The bible says, it’s more blessed to give than to receive. This is one secret that many of us seem not to be aware of. As a people of Africa, we have been on the receiving end for a lifetime from the west. And we seem…
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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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