#Career: Choosing the right course at secondary or University

#Career: Choosing the right course at secondary or University
Qn. Do you have the end in Mind?

Three students of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa joined me at my table while having lunch at the recently concluded summit in Nairobi.
As usual I welcomed them and quickly engaged them.
I wanted to know their plans for the present and definitely the future for i recall since primary through secondary, our teachers used to tell us that we are the leaders of tomorrow ( don’t kbow if some of us are already in the tomorrow they referred to)

You may ask why I was concerned about the future of ‘strangers’ ( its even biblical -read the story of the Good Samaritan)
Long story short.
The gentlemen are, Anthony Toritich and Evanson Nduru , both doing computer science. The lady is Manyima Ddiba doing B.IT.
I asked all of them to tell me why they chose their courses and Manyima’s answer caught my attention, the reason I am sharing this story today.
Her future plans are being a Fashion Mogul and one would wonder why a future Fashionist would be studying information technology.
She told me she wants to use I.T to revolitionalise the fashion industry which I found really interesting that at that age of youth excitement, a young lady can think broadly and act.
She is basically studying I.T to apply it in her business, to market, to network, build her own systems, e.t.c (Woow)

This brings me to the food for thought I have for us today.

1.Whether in secondary or University , why are you doing that specific combimantion or course.
2. Do you have an end in mind as you select that course or you are just doing a course just.
3. Do we have practical career guidance in our schools,
4. Do parents and guardians take an extra effort to guide these young children on the future.
5.Do we have scenarios where parents (doctors)still think that their children must become doctors.
6. Have we thought about identifying the tallents of these young kids and therefore help them move in line, help them focus towards harnessing their natural gifts (which is easier by the way)
7. Have you ever wondered why we have qualified doctors seated in Kikubo doing business .?

I could go on and on…
Finally as we Concluded, I told them one thing.

” I have heard all your dreams very exciting but in order to achieve them, you must do one thing, you must be personally present at that time in future, you must know that life is so precious and you need to take good care of yourselves”
I looked at their innocent faces as the message sank deep, as I told them#Seeyouathetop

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