Breakthrough has a sound.

Breakthrough has a sound.
I am not a frequent traveler. For the few times I have traveled, It has been the economy class just like any other hustler saving on a trip.
I had an opportunity of representing Uganda at the China International Fair for Trade and services ( CIFTIS), Beijing 2016.
On my way back while checking in at Abu Dhabi International Airport, I was asked to present my travel documents as the procedure normally is.
On scanning my air ticket, the machine made a weird noise, one that brings you to repentance of all your sins since childhood.
I immediately convinced myself that either my luggage had issues or may be someone had tucked in cocaine. I convinced myself that something wrong had happened.
I immediately apologized to the agent at the counter before he could even say me a word.
“ Sir whatever it is, it’s not true. I have either been set up or something like that.”
The agent gave me that investigative look and asked, “Are you Dickson Mushabe?” Yes, I replied, trembling.
He tore my ticket.
Let me tell you guys, I almost collapsed. My heart beat catapulted as it somersaulted at the same time. I knew I was either going to be detained or maybe someone had linked my name to terrorism. Can you imagine how I never thought of anything positive during this time.
He took his eyes off me amid my confusion. He looked at the computer while typing something. By now, I was all dripping wet. For the first time, my ears were equally sweating.
I convinced myself that all hell had broken loose over me and everything worth my effort was to come crumbling down on me.
I waited for my fate in a foreign country. My mind raced back home of how the Ugandan newspapers were going to write about a Ugandan who was detained for drug trafficking or terrorism in the names of Dickson Mushabe.
Mark you, all this was happening in a space of less than 5 minutes. I had literally finished crucifying myself of all the things I have never done.
The agent took his eyes off the computer, looking at me with a smile, “Congratulations Dickson, Etihad has upgraded you to Business class!”
Did I even say thank you? I didn’t. I needed sometime to take in this good news. I never saw it coming. I needed to decongest my mind from all the negative thoughts.
I don’t know why of all things my mind had not listened in to this little sound of a breakthrough. Why did it have to think of drug trafficking and terrorism?
Anyway, I was finally handed a business class ticket but I didn’t enjoy the journey. I spent ¾ of the journey recollecting myself and thoughts.
What a loss!
Many times in life, such sounds are heard but we are quick to put them to silence. Rarely do we hold ourselves in celebration of the positive things that come along the path of life.
Not all weird sounds are bad.
You may have to listen again.
There is always a positive side in every sound or situation.
It’s only the positive thinkers who will embrace such opportunities.
I will leave you with a few tips;
1. Avoid negativity & Negative people.
2. Do something positive e.g If you get stuck at the airport for hours because of a cancelled flight, don’t think of what you’re missing out on. Instead, see it as a chance to get work done, or to call your parents or an old friend. Once you’ve successfully reframed your situation, it may be easier to distract yourself by reading a book or crossword puzzle, or a quick stroll.
3. Physically Throw Them Away.
It may sound crazy, but clearing your head of a nagging thought could be as easy as writing it down on a piece of paper—and tossing it in the trash. That’s where it belongs.
Wish you the best of 2017
Dickson Mushabe,
Author” I am not sorry for my Mistakes”
#Iamnotsorry for sharing.

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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