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Research shows that over 400,000 young people enter the job market annually, for a mere 9,000 new jobs each year in Uganda.
These youths have no choice but to survive by starting businesses most of which are prone to fail because of unforeseen mistakes.
Uganda was recognized as the most entrepreneurial country in the world, according to research by Approved Index U.K 2015, but there are high failure rates, with the majority of businesses failing to make it through their first year of operation while a handful of them make it to the third year.

The only systematic way to avert this is by empowering these budding entrepreneurs with practical and relevant techniques on how to avoid or stop these common start-up mistakes.

Having started my business journey at a young age and without a mentor, it’s with no doubt that I made so many critical mistakes. MISTAKES that led to closure of 5 of my businesses, a situation that almost made me believe that entrepreneurship was never meant for me.

To cater for the many budding entrepreneurs who don’t have mentors, I wrote a book (I am Not Sorry for my Mistakes) in 2015 where I share my business journey from being a naive young student to an adult troubled by the desire to build my own business.

I share my struggles, offering crucial insights into the experiences that led me to become the founder and CEO of Hostalite, one of the leading web and IT solutions companies in East Africa. I willingly tell my story of how I strongly went on to address the fear of failure, a challenge to many today as it were ten years ago when I started out.

My passion to save the next entrepreneur or crumbling start-ups has seen me donate over 250 books to groups and individuals who wouldn’t afford yet need them.

The need has become so overwhelming and would like to seek your support in donating this book to individuals or schools as a reading resource. This will also help in our midterm plan of launching Entrepreneurship/Startup Clubs in these schools.

With your help we shall change the mindset of these future entrepreneurs by making them love business hence promoting job creation.

Each Book is 20,000 UGX and we add a free book for every 5 books donated.

In addition to being given an opportunity to select s particular school if you wish, you will be recognized among the donors in all our campaigns with Corporate Social responsibility Certificate.

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The Official Mobile Money Line is 0776045607 in the names of Mushabe Dickson

Imagine a world where budding entrepreneurs don’t repeat the mistakes made by their predecessors.
Imagine a world where business minds are shaped and mentored at a decision making age.
Together we can do this.

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Author, Iam Not Sorry for My Mistakes

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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