dickson1Dickson Mushabe is the Co-founder and CEO of Hostalite Ltd. One of the leading Web Hosting, Design and Software Development Companies in Uganda, East Africa. He has over 9 years of experience in Information and Communication Technology, Information Exchange Systems and Business Automation.
He is an author of the bestselling business book “I am not sorry for my Mistakes”,
The Founder of Hostalite Cyber Academy, an institute that empowers students with practical I.T skills and hands on experience.
A founding member/promoter of the SME association of Uganda, his enthusiasm helps him to quickly connect with people and make an impact on them to take action.
He has spoken on different business meetings including the Annual Business breakfast organized by the Investors club of Uganda, Joomla Day Uganda , CMS Africa Nairobi, Vodafone Power Talks
Nationally, Dickson is a member Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy Framework Management/Consultation team for the .ug Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD),
Dickson is a member, Advisory Council of the Global Shapers, An Initiative of the World Economic Forum, He has a Masters degree in Business Administration majoring in Management Information Systems and is a Guest Lecturer Uganda Management Institute (UMI)

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I am not sorry for my mistakes

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