A Wholesome Package

A few years ago, there was a TV ad of a one Abdu Jabali who served a whole cow at his restaurant. You paid for a plate of meat but got a whole cow slaughtered for you.

Hostalite is not any different from Abdu Jabali’s restaurant. We serve our clients with more than a website. Our packages come with more than enough. Recently we began a newsletter app than comes along with the website to ease your email communication.

On top of that we are the only certified and reliable live streaming service providers for bands, community radio stations and DJs. We boast fo more than ten live streaming for radio stations. We offer the same service for independent artistes and record labels around the world. We have the fastest and relaiable servers that one ought not to worry of because our buffers are the safest with all bandwidth requirements.

In April 2015, Hostalite became a a gold partner with Karspersky. And we have taken it upon ourselves to supply you with the all the anti virus that you ever needed. And our stock is for the entire region regardless of whether your demand is retail or wholesale. We have you covered.

In the past decade there has been a lot of women empowerment, but that is gender insensitive. When we make your website, we sit down with you and empower you to take care of it. Do you really need a web admin? We don’t think so. Not for selfish reasons, but management should the in charge be away.

So why don’t you join our brand and take a share of this wholesome package. Hook us up and let the conversation begin.

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